A touch of metallics in simplicity  (at www.theoctoberroad.blogspot.com)
Picturesque Windsor Castle
Brioche French Toast with a delicious combination of braised apples, bacon and hazelnut and maple syrup🍴

 (at Ronin)
Japanese Beef Curry Rice for @coffeeholicboy🍴
It’s only available on weekdays! Go try it if you like Japanese Curry!😊 (at Ronin)
A good cup of coffee keeps you going and pretty coffeeart brightens your day☕️😊 (at Ronin)
Blanc et Noir (by Yan Yan)More on my blog! :)
Minimaliste blanc et noir: http://theoctoberroad.blogspot.sg/2014/09/outfit-blanc-et-noir_15.html?m=1
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Blanc et Noir
http://theoctoberroad.blogspot.sg/2014/09/outfit-blanc-et-noir_15.html?m=1 (at www.theoctoberroad.blogspot.com)
catching up over sweets and cuppa☕️🍴
sometimes, keeping things simple is the best but it’s so human to make things complicated.

Anyway, hope everyone else’s Tuesday has been good so far. (at Little Wimbly Lu)
A Dream 

As the Earth began spinning faster and faster, we floated upwards, hands locked tightly together, eyes sad and bewildered. We watched as our faces grew younger and realized the Earth was spinning in reverse, moving us backwards in time.

Then we reached a point where I no longer knew who you were and I was grasping the hands of a stranger. But I didn’t let go. And neither did you.

- Lang Leav

In times like this, thank you for being here.
that’s what I’d like to tell myself but it’s hard.