Walk on a rainbow trail;
Walk on a trail of song;
And all about you will be beauty.

There is a way out of every 
dark mist, over a rainbow trail - 
Robert Motherwell (at Medzs)
scrumptious lunch with mom before work🍴 (at Nando’s)
There’s nothing like a good ol’ hearty soup. Esp when it had all your fav ingredients in it😍🍴👍 (at Nando’s)
Last evening💙
What my Monday looks like
second week in a row,
beginning to see a pattern.
but can you blame me?
that mega sized table lamp and the rich woody colours is just so inviting😍
hot cocoa before class later☕️
Waiting for my food!🍴 (at Nando’s)
Our Sunday Selfie after coffee!👫☕️