Of Macarons & Desserts  (by Yan Yan)My obsession with macarons has gone to the next level and has expressed itself in my two piece dessert summer outfit! ;)
Have a lovely Wednesday! 
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One of my fav ways to beat the heat on our sunny island! :)
A trip back in memory lane kinda Sundayโ˜บ๏ธ
When I Met You in the Summer (by Yan Yan)Wearing two of my favourite prints together!
Gingham x Houndstooth
Have a lovely midweek!๐Ÿ˜Š
Summer Blooms (by Yan Yan)Summer is in full swing! 
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Sunset atop Arc de Triomphe (at Arc de Triomphe)
A Pop of Pink๐Ÿ’–
One of women’s many best friends: ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ 
One of women’s other best friend: ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘